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Welcome to PrimeE17!

This project is always under construction :)

PE17 is Enlightenment e17 running on Debian Squeeze and Sid.
Live DVDs or can be installed to desktop. Includes engage, places, calendar modules, Remastersys, Firefox, Gimp, etc. (Please read the 'READ ME' files).

For pe17_sqz 32/64: debiane17

For pe17_sid64:
User: primee17 Password: guest
User: root Password: root

Thank You Sourceforge!

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             Pe17 Desktop

The obesity epidemic is not just limited to the population. If you are looking for a desktop that doesn't feel bloated and weighed down then Enlightenment is a must try.

The learning curve is fun, the eye candy, shelves and gadgets don't overwhelm and it's FAST!

Though Enlightenment has been around a while and E17 has it's beta quirks, I've found it stable and solid with lots of potential.

When KDE 3.5+ bit the dust I was a bit lost to be honest. I've used Linux since 1998. KDE4 sadly still doesn't do it for me as I was a solid KDE 3.5+ user and I've found a new home in Enlightenment.

Check the Forum for Updates and stuff.

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